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Since they came from God, your natural abilities are as important for your service as your spiritual gifts.

Terri Bryant gives us perspective on how our abilities assist us in finding our SHAPE!

The difference is they were given to you at 1st, physical birth and belong to you – whereas the spiritual gifts are always gifts from Christ at your second birth, when you are born again, for working with Christ. Beware of thinking that you do not have abilities for God’s service. Research suggests that the average person has from 500 to 700 different skills and abilities. God gave you abilities not just to make a living but to do ministry. And whatever you are good at, you need to be doing for your church!

Click Here to download and take the SHAPE Assessment Test! 

Click Here to download and fill out the SHAPE Survey! Once you are completed, please email the two completed forms to!

While we are learning our SPIRITUAL SHAPE, we are also getting in shape PHYSICALLY! Click Here to sign up for one of our FREE group workouts! 

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