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The Heart represents the core of your desires, hopes, interests, dreams, ambitions, and affections. The heart is the seat and source of all your intentions and motivations, what you love to do and care most about.

Instructor Mark Rogers is offering insights into how your HEART fuels your passion for your SHAPE. Take a look!

Your heart is the real you, what you really are, not what others think you are or what circumstances pressure you to be. The heart determines why you say and do what you do, and feel the way you do about it.


Just as each of us has a unique heartbeat, so God has given each of us a unique “Emotional Heartbeat” which signifies our passion in living. What you are passionate about reveals your emotional heartbeat; find your passion and you will find your heart. And God looks upon the heart. And God wants you to serve Him out of heartfelt passion, not duty. There are two basic characteristics which determine when you are serving God from your heart. First is Enthusiasm. You will be working out of love and enjoyment. Second is Effectiveness. When you do what God has shaped you to love doing, you will get good at it. Passion, like caring, propels perfection.

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