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Your life Experiences shape you for service.

Pastor Dana Walker Explains how Experience molds our SHAPE!

Your life Experiences shape you for service. You need to  examine six kinds of experiences to assess how God has shaped you.

1. Family experiences:  What did you learn by growing up in your family?

2. Educational experiences: What subjects did you most enjoy in school?

3. Vocational experiences: What jobs have you most enjoyed and  been effective at?

4. Spiritual experiences: What have been your most meaningful encounters with God?

5. Ministry experiences: How have you served God thus far?

6. Painful experiences:  What pains, problems and trials have you learned from?  In this last category, the very experiences you have resented or most regretted are precisely the  experiences God wants to use to help others. They are your ministry. Truly, “God never wastes a hurt.

Click Here to download and take the SHAPE Assessment Test! 

Click Here to download and fill out the SHAPE Survey! Once you are completed, please email the two completed forms to!

While we are learning our SPIRITUAL SHAPE, we are also getting in shape PHYSICALLY! Click Here to sign up for one of our FREE group workouts! 

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